Treatments and prices

Dermal filler treatments

Dermal filler is an injectable substance consisting of Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance already in our bodies. 


Injectable Hyaluronic acid is a soft tissue filler. The filler is injected into the skin at different depths to help fill in wrinkles, replace lost volume and augment features.


Dermal filler is not permanent. It usually lasts around 6-18 months before it is eventually absorbed by the body.

Lip enhancement


Non surgical rhinoplasty (Nose)


Perioral lines (Smokers lines)


Facial fine lines and wrinkles


Tear trough (Under eye)




Nasolabial folds

(Nose to mouth)


Marionette lines

(Mouth to chin)


Facial fine lines and wrinkles


Neck lines

1ml Revolax - £150


0.55ml juvederm ultra - £120


1ml juvederm ultra - £200

Décolletage lines (Chest)


Cheek enhancement


Jaw enhancement

2ml Revolax - £250


2ml juvederm ultra - £350

8 point face lift

(Liquid facelift)

*Please see below for details

Revolax - £150 per 1ml


Juvederm ultra - £200 per 1ml

*The 8 point face lift is a revolutionary new treatment to target the signs of ageing.

Dermal filler is strategically placed in 8 points of the face where we naturally lose volume during the ageing process.

The areas we target...


•Soften the tear troughs

•Define the cheek bones

•Lift the cheeks

•Volumise sunken mid face area

•Reduce nasolabial fold & lift upper lip

•Lift corner of the mouth & reduce marionette lines

•Reduce jowls

•Strengthen jaw


The average person with no previous filler will need approximately 1ml to 2ml per 10yrs of life for a noticeable difference. For example, a 40yr old would likely need between 4ml and 8ml, 50yr old would need somewhere between 5ml and 10ml, and so on.