Treatments and prices

Botulinum toxin treatments

Botulinum toxin (often shortened to Bo-Tox) is an injectable substance commonly used as a muscle relaxant.


By targeting certain muscle groups, your practitioner can provide lifting, tightening, slimming & softening effects, and most commonly, the anti wrinkle effect. The amount of product can also be altered to achieve a natural or more dramatic effect.


The treatment is not permanent, it usually lasts around 3-4 months but effectiveness can vary depending on the individual.

Once treated, you will begin to see changes in 2-3 days. Full effect will take 2-3 weeks.



Glabella (Frown lines)


Crows feet (Outer eyes)


Under eye creases


Nasalis (Bunny lines)


Top lip (Smokers lines)


Eyebrow lift


Lip lift (Lip flip)


Mouth corner lift


Nose tip lift


Chin lift (& anti dimpling)


Nose slimming


Gummy smile

1 area - £120


3 areas - £180

Masseter (Face/jaw slimming)


Platysmal bands (Neck tightening)


Upper face, 3 area anti wrinkle

(Forehead, frown lines & crows feet)


Eye lift, 3 area

(Brow lift, crows feet & under eye)


Nefertiti neck lift

(Jawline, mouth corner lift,

chin lift & neck bands)